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This photo doesn’t show trash left by climate strike protesters

Hefty is going after a millennial audience. Courtesy of Hefty. According to Hefty, the bags will be available in "limited quantities and on a first-come, first-served basis.

The rest of the sayings include: "I'm so trashy" "Hefty! Hefty" "Feeling like garbage today" "Cherish your dreams, trash the rest" "I've got 99 problems but trash ain't one" "I'm not a regular bag, I'm a cool bag" "In time-out" "Same time next week? Visual Features Trash bag. Check mark icon A check mark. Guidelines Set carts out by a. Place wheeled cart against the curb or along the alley with the handle pointing towards your residence; do no block the sidewalk with carts.

Keep carts at least three feet away from other carts, mailboxes, fire hydrants, low hanging trees or shrubs, parked cars, or utility poles so trucks can easily access the cart. Do not place hot ashes into the cart or set cart near sources of heat furnace, fireplace, grill. Set out up to two 1-gallon translucent containers e. Needles, sharps, and syringes must be placed inside a hard plastic or metal container for disposal in your trash cart.

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See Other Services Do not place hazardous waste in your trash or recycling cart. Guidelines Large items will be collected throughout the year upon customer request, free of charge. Large items must be placed at the curb or in the alley for pick-up. Appliances : refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dishwasher, hot water heater, etc. After the items are collected, Freon is safely removed if present and appliances are recycled.

Appliances must be empty.

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Each year, five free Overflow Stickers will be provided to each household. Use them when you set out extra trash.


Overflow stickers never expire so you can use them year to year. Guidelines Overflow Stickers will work on trash cans; bags of trash set out at the curb will not be collected. Bulky Item Pickup is now online. This refers to but not limited to: tables, chairs, sofas, love seats, bureaus, shelving, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers, mirrors, beds, box springs, mattresses, bicycles, lawn furniture. Visit www. For more information, this guide may useful for what items can be picked up through Bulky Item and what can be brought to the DPW Yard.

The definitions section is revised and includes new definitions of words as they appear throughout the ordinance. On non-collection days should be placed as near to the rear or side yard and as far out of public view as practicable and secured. Storage containers must be watertight and rodent proof. During overflow weeks, trash in proper receptacles no plastic bags of any type on the ground at any time except for Pink Recycling bags can be placed for curbside collection.

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Trash must be in the cart, lid closed. Carts placed no earlier than 5 p. Recyclable materials must be loosely contained in the recycling bin, not placed in plastic bags. Commercial and buildings with more than six units are not eligible for curbside pickup. Commercial establishment must buy the tan trash cart through DPW. Bulky items and white goods are eligible for curbside collection after purchase of a pickup permit. This includes violations of the trash ordinances. Unpaid fines will be enforced by a means of a lien on real property.

Violations of the City's trash laws include:. Brush can be no longer than 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. All materials must be in brown paper leaf bags or open barrels. Yard Waste collection weeks in will be the weeks of:.

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Christmas trees no yard waste will be picked up during the first two 2 full weeks in January. The City requires that each residence only place out trash in a single City-provided Trash Cart. You have two options for trash overflow. City ordinances require that Inspectional Service Department inspectors issue fines for improper overflow trash. The blue trash cart is for your weekly trash disposal. Only the blue city-issued barrels may be used for weekly trash collection EXCEPT during the six weeks designated for overflow curbside pickup. First you must file a Stolen Property report with the Revere Police.

Once you have completed that report, file a request for a replacement bin with the Revere , and provide a copy of your police report. After you have logged in create a new registration if you haven't done so , you can select "Apply for a Permit" and it will allow you to request an additional trash cart. Complete the small number of questions, and once City staff have a chance to review your request we will let you know when to pay and schedule delivery.

Empty your trash

Residents have three options for overflow trash that does not fit inside the cart:. Overflow trash will be collected on your first scheduled trash collection day following the respective holiday. So, for example, if Christmas falls on Monday, overflow trash can be placed out for collection on your regularly scheduled day that week. The Trash Calendar can be downloaded as a handy guide. To keep rodents away, all trash cart lids must be closed.

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Every unit of every building containing 6 or fewer residential units should have received a new cart. The City is providing one large-capacity, high quality trash cart to all residents for free. The City of Revere is asking for a one-time cost to handle the higher capacity of trash. The reality is that the vast majority of communities charge an annual fee for overflow trash, rather than a one-time charge. Residents have the option to hang onto old barrels with covers, which can be used for six overflow holidays listed below.

Barrels without covers can be used for yard waste pickup. This is to ensure no confusion by the Sanitation Collectors between barrels meant to be put out for collection and those which are not. If you do keep your barrel for overflow collection, the barrel must have a lid securely placed on the barrel opening.