The Environmental Mafia: The Enemy Is Us

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O'Leary weaves together a passionate narrative with news articles, studies by the National Center for Public Policy Research and others, and profiles of families whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed for no apparent purpose in the name of environmental protection.

Mafia States

Most of the events occurred in the West, but the lessons may apply nationwide. The main premise of O'Leary's denunciation of environmentalism is that the movement has been co-opted by extremists who, working under the auspices of the US's most respected nonprofit institutions, have succeeded in implementing an agenda bent on restricting Americans' rights and depriving them of their livelihood.

The author claims to uncover the movement's hidden agenda, which he summarizes as 1 re-wilding of America through forced relocating of rural populations; 2 dismantling of the free market economy; 3 establishing a pagan religion based on nature worship; 4 use of blatant distortion and junk science to make the case for nonexistent problems such as global warming; 5 infiltration of the highest government offices by environmental groups that front for an "eco-elite" of the world's most wealthy and powerful individuals; 6 subjugation of the American people to an international ruling body whose charter supercedes the US Constitution and Bill of Rights; 7 brainwashing of children to the eco-elite agenda, and 8 government-controlled birth quotas to reduce world population.

With its conspiracy-theory rhetoric and selective use of data, the book embodies the paranoid, radical-right view of environmentalism in the US today.

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Upper-division undergraduates through professionals. Hollenhorst University of Idaho.

How Powerful Is The Mafia?

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'McCarthy-era tactics': ex-spy chiefs round on Trump in Brennan row

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Sicilians dare to believe: the mafia’s cruel reign is over

Subject Term:. Green movement -- Political aspects. The copious information that the movement disseminates appears, on the surface, to describe the noblest of moral causes, but this facade is carefully fabricated, a disguise to conceal the true agenda of the deep ecologists who spearhead this massive and extremely powerful juggernaut.

If they were what they represent themselves to be, I would be one of their most ardent supporters; but they are not.

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  5. It is impossible to present this material in a comprehensive text without some repetition, for which I apologize. I have attempted to categorize the distinct aspects of the subject so as to provide the reader with a panoramic view of the entire spectrum of this enormous conspiracy.

    'McCarthy-era tactics': ex-spy chiefs round on Trump in Brennan row

    This has not been a simple task, for the pervasive influence of the environmental cartel is worldwide in its scope, and also highly personal, reaching into the homes of every American. Many of the issues I address are well known, household words in many cases. Some who read this book will be challenged to remain objective and withhold judgment until they have digested what is written here. Many sincere and well-meaning Americans have invested their trust in environmental nonprofit organizations because they believe these entities represent our interests in environmental matters.

    This book is divided into two sections: Commentary, which embodies, for the most part, my personal experiences and observations in regard to the environmental movement over a year period, and Documentation, which is selected material regarding the subject from a roster of professional men and women in the fields of law, education, journalism, government, law enforcement and earth sciences.

    The following summary is a thumbnail sketch of the entire spectrum of evidence found in this book. The agenda is far reaching and extremely ambitious. This enormous project called The Wildlands Project calls for the forced relocation of our rural population by governmental fiat using regulatory tyranny as their stimulus. Farmers and ranchers, miners and loggers in the entire western United States are suffering from the needless incursion of the eco-establishment and their federal allies.

    Environmentalists are leading an all-out campaign to dismantle our free market economy, which they regard as an evil that will eventually destroy the environment. Rating : Bad Good. Contact Us. About Us.

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