Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) Methodology

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Runoff curve number

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Artificial desert landscaping impervious weed barrier, desert shrub with 1- to 2-inch sand or gravel mulch and basin borders. Pasture, grassland, or range—continuous forage for grazing.

1. Introduction

Brush—brush-weed-grass mixture with brush the major element. Woods—grass combination orchard or tree farm. Other combinations of conditions may be computed from the CN's for woods and pasture. E Poor: Forest litter, small trees, and brush are destroyed by heavy grazing or regular burning; Fair: Woods are grazed but not burned, and some forest litter covers the soil; Good: Woods are protected from grazing, and litter and brush adequately cover the soil. Herbaceuous—mixture of grass, weeds, and low-growing brush, with brush the minor element.

Oak-aspen—mountain brush mixture of oak brush, aspen, mountain mahogany, bitter brush, maple, and other brush. Desert shrub—major plants include saltbush, geasewood, creosotebush, blackbrush, bursage, palo verde, mesquite, and cactus.