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Violence is depicted on stage, but it is intended to be a criticism of the violence we see in Western society and media.

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The play questions the line between the generally accepted violence we see in our day-to-day lives, and the horrors of war and genocide. Blasted graphically depicts human capacity for violence and the atrocities that people inflict on one another every day. Want to learn more? For tickets, click here.

'Blasted' by Sarah Kane by David O'Boyle on Prezi

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Skip to main content. Sarah Kane's Blasted. As with Greek plays, the worst of the action happens off stage, and is talked about, although what happens on stage is gruesome. In both Blasted and Cleansed, we see aggressor and victim in most of the characters, and are therefore unable able to place judgements on them as either good or bad.

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Instead we find ourselves 'bond' with them on a humane level. Horrifying acts of violence do happen around the world every day, and Kane brings this to our attention through her innovative writing.

source url Parallels can also be drawn with ourselves, and we are forced to become aware of the dark side of our nature and the base line of humanity, and of the choices we make each day in our behaviour. This is the purpose of violence in these plays, not to shock or titillate, but to wake up and examine ourselves in full and truly be aware that we are alive. The work's true completion comes when the plays are read for what they tell us about ourselves. What you take that voice to be saying is no concern of mine. It is what it is.

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