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You will then be redirected to www. User Tips Please note that WiFi service is based on cellular technology; therefore, the bandwidth available is limited and shared among all the users aboard your train car. Due to the nature of the service, signal strengths may vary and fluctuate along the Metrorail alignment.

Be courteous to your fellow Internet users by limiting the streaming of audio and video, as well as the download of large files. As a customer courtesy, we ask that you use headphones. Connection Problems Service is based on a cellular network. There may be locations where service is intermittent or unavailable.

The availability of WiFi depends on the strength of the cellular signal in that area. This is the same effect as when a person experiences a "dropped" call on a cell phone when hitting a "dead zone.

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To get technical support, please call , Monday through Friday, 7 a. Transit information agents are not available on Sundays or County-observed holidays.

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There are designated Priority Seating Areas inside of each Metrorail car for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Be sure to remain behind the yellow safety line at the Metrorail and Metromover platforms. For the safety and comfort of passengers; smoking, vaping, eating, drinking and playing music without wearing headphones is prohibited on Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus.

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All pets must be in a properly enclosed container. The only exceptions are guide or service animals accompanying customers with disabilities. View Rider Alerts. Metrorail Stations Find your nearest station and track your ride.

Metrorail Schedules View today's schedule to ensure you reach your destination on time. Transit Alerts Sign up for alerts about service issues that could affect your transit commute. The Mackenzie Highland Pipe Band played the locomotive out of Pleasant Point station and the day's events were topped off with night running.

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One noteable change on the day was that was instead dressed up at Ab - the lead engine followed by Ab on the last train from Fairlie 50 years ago. Thank you to everyone who either helped with this project, or came out to help us celebrate its completion.

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We couldn't do it without you. Joan is retiring from our society from the role of Publicity Officer. So far we have not been able to find anyone. If you would like to help the society, or know of someone who could be interested, please feel free to contact us. Full training will be given. During the winter shut-down period, the track team have been busy ripping out old sleepers and replacing them and the ballast they sit in. When the society was first relaying track, the then-county council ordered the rails be hidden at grass-level.

  • Ab699 back in action.
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Together with that, limited funds meant we could only afford river-run shingle - a mix of dirt and stones - to sit the track in. You really are offered up a couple of materials that perform well in compression and the logical one is brick. Photo by Martin Siegner. Though standing out amongst the urban fabric of Green Square, the architects equally wished to harmonise the ROC building with its locale; the arched openings aid in moderating the buildings imposing mass and creating connections with the surrounding streets.

It, therefore, makes a connection back to its context even though the form is quite different from the surrounding buildings. The ROC Building was the joint winner of the Horbury Hunt Commercial Award at the Think Brick Awards , which celebrates excellence in the use of clay brick, concrete masonry and roof tiles by architects, designers and builders. See other projects by Smart Design Studio on Yellowtrace here. This Yellowtrace Promotion is proudly created in partnership with Brickworks. All related thoughts and ideas reflect our genuine opinion.

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