Navigating the Collapse of Time: A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions

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Receive goods fast and easy. Special Offer: Free sample tile with wholesale brochure. As Wilson presented matters, the need for war admitted of no doubt.

Despite repeated protests, Germany refused to stop a policy that had killed many Americans. But in taking up the German challenge, Wilson averred, the United States did not seek any sordid ends. Wilson did not aim at territorial conquest, nor was his quarrel with the German people.

The Rise and Fall of Soft Power – Foreign Policy

He wished rather to defeat autocratic power and promote democracy and self-determination. Now, let us hear how Wilson himself put the matter: "It is a fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars, civilization itself seeming to hang in the balance.

But the right is more precious than peace, and we will fight for the things we have always carried in our hearts—for democracy. America is privileged to spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured. God helping her, she can do no other" p.

Britain, from the onset of war in , had imposed a tight blockade on Germany; by preventing food from being imported into the country, the British brought starvation and malnutrition to large masses of the German people. German submarine warfare was a desperate response to the British blockade—a blockade so effective that it threatened to force the Germans out of the war. But Wilson declined except in perfunctory terms to challenge the British. In complete contrast, he held Germany to the strictest accountability. Was not Germany bent on world domination? Fleming sees little reason to view the European war as more than a struggle among competing powers.

Latter-day defenders of Wilson will no doubt respond, "Even if revisionist historians have shown that Germany did not deliberately embark on war, the conduct of the war showed that Germany menaced world civilization. What about the Belgian atrocities? Fleming maintains that the British began a worldwide propaganda campaign designed to show the Germans to be inhuman monsters. Lord Bryce, a historian and political scientist of great distinction, issued a report that contained riveting claims of gruesome atrocities, but these could not be documented.

As a newcomer to international power politics—Germany was barely 40 years old in —the country had paid little attention to this time-honored British custom of slandering their enemies" p.

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Our author is by no means an uncritical apologist for the German Kaiser and his military machine. Germany pursued a harsh policy of reprisals against Belgian and French civilian resisters; but the lurid accounts of rapes and baby-killings put forward by the British had no foundation. Wilson, then, carried away by his own rhetorical effusions, succeeded in involving the United States in war. To what end? As his Republican critics such as Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge noted, Wilson had done next to nothing to prepare a military force capable of intervention in Europe.

Fleming goes so far as to claim that Wilson believed the war could be won without the dispatch of an American expeditionary army to Europe. The American forces, when they finally arrived in Europe, had to "learn by doing," and the untrained Americans sustained massive casualties as soon as they engaged in battle. Although the American commander, John J. These involved frontal assaults on heavily fortified positions; efforts, usually unsuccessful, to gain a few hundred feet of ground cost thousands and thousands of lives.

Navigating The Collapse Of Time

True enough, the Americans and their European allies finally achieved "victory," but at what cost? In that time, 50, doughboys were killed.

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Another , Americans were wounded in action. Another 62, died of disease. In , the Veterans Bureau estimated that war-related diseases, wounds and other kinds of trauma inflicted on the Western Front had raised the total cost to , deaths" p. Wilson in his April speech declared that "the world must be made safe for democracy," but evidently America was to be withdrawn from the sphere of freedom for the duration of the war.

Protesters often faced long prison terms and were in some cases lynched. Discontent with the war among American blacks led to race riots. Louis] Woodrow Wilson said nothing.