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The Series provides a broad coverage of discrete mathematics and optimization, ranging over such fields as combinatorics, graph theory, enumeration, mathematical programming and the analysis of algorithms, and including such topics as Ramsey theory, transversal theory, block designs, finite geometries, Polya theory, graph and matroid algorithms, network flows, polyhedral combinatorics and computational complexity.

The Wiley-Interscience Series in Discrete Mathematics and Optimization will be a substantial part of the record in this extraordinary development. Roos, T.

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Vial University of Geneva, Switzerland Linear Optimization LO is one of the most widely taught and fast developing techniques in mathematics, with applications in many areas of science, commerce and industry. The dramatically increased interest in the subject is due mainly to advances in computer technology and to the development of Interior Point Methods IPM for LO. This book provides a unified presentation of the field by way of an interior point approach to both the theory of LO and algorithms for LO design, covergence, complexity and asymptotic behaviour.

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A common thread throughout the book is the role of strictly complementary solutions, which play a crucial role in the interior point approach and distinguishes the new approach from the classical Simplex-based approach. The approach to LO in this book is new in many aspects.

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In particular the IPM based development of duality theory is surprisingly elegant. The algorithmic parts of the book contain a complete discussion of many algorithmic variants, including predictor-corrector methods, partial updating, higher order methods and sensitivity and parametric analysis.

The comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the subject, together with the clarity of presentation, ensures that this book will be an invaluable resource for researchers and professionals who wish to develop their understanding of LOs and IPMs. It's a good book. Now I'm trying translate it into native language.

Local Search in Combinatorial Optimization. Emile Aarts , Emile H.

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Aarts , Jan Karel Lenstra. Computational complexity.


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