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Mazen Darwish must also reckon with arrest at any time. He is not allowed to leave the country and is regularly interrogated by the Syrian intelligence service. Darwish is head of the "Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression" in Damascus, an organisation committed to monitoring the conduct of Syrian media and publishing reports despite state persecution.

On the contrary, all authorities harbour a particular animosity towards journalists. The second problem is taboos. It feels as though you're walking on a minefield.

The issues that are cannot be touched upon are linked to the policies of the regime, and concern the areas of democracy and human rights. I know people who've been waiting four or five years for a response to their application.

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And if this is then rejected, the government is not obliged to justify its decision. Private newspapers, television and radio stations have been set up in the meantime, but from the point of view of content, there is little to distinguish them from official organs.

Enemy Of The System

After all, the stories that the media are allowed to cover depend on the political situation in the country — and primarily on how confident the regime is feeling. In these turbulent times, orders were issued to state and private media to refrain from any critical reporting. This also included subjects such as the prevailing corruption in the country. Khalil Suwailih, editor of the arts and culture section of the state newspaper Tishrin, describes the impact of this press censorship on the work of journalists.

Independent Media as Enemies of the System

In the latest edition, he wrote in his column about the Arab Spring and the social media. He doesn't make any direct reference to the situation in Syria. But reading between the lines, his view is clear when he writes:. And although I already have so many years of experience, often I can't say where the boundaries really lie.

Some days I'm weary of the whole cat-and-mouse game, then I think, I'm a journalist, not a slave, and I'll write whatever I like! Sheikh Hussein is a town in the Oromia region in south-eastern Ethiopia. The tomb of the 13th century Sufi Sheikh Hussein who introduced Islam to the area and is said to have performed many miracles is still visited by thousands of people. By Eric Lafforgue. Skip to main content. And as Mona Naggar reports, the Ba'ath regime has stepped up censorship and persecution in response to recent protests in the country The lunchtime news on Syrian state television: A young man confesses on camera that he is a member of a radical Islamic group, and that he had organised demonstrations against the regime to cause trouble.

Targeted by Syrian security forces These days, increasing numbers of Syrians are taking to the streets in protest at the Ba'athist regime. What was already a difficult situation for independent journalists has worsened since the start of protests in Syria, reports Saad Kiwan of the organisation "Skeyes". Unbroken resistance: Despite reform pledges and the lifting of the decades-old state of emergency, protests against President Assad continue. Related Content Women's rights in Lebanon Campaign exposes "victim-blaming" attitudes to rape Most abusive and discriminatory acts against women and girls in Lebanon are the direct result of unequal treatment of men and women within the Lebanese law and the influence of a Europe's policies in the Middle East Late-colonial convulsions The UK has stopped an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar.

Italy and France are supporting opposing parties at war in Libya. Germany has other priorities. Europe is doing almost exactly Economic crisis in Iraq Trump's Iran embargo impacts Iraqis As a result of U. The holy city of Najaf is bearing the economic brunt. By Judit Neurink More.

The Internet has made it possible for some to declare and even to promote their atheism by criticising Islam and other religions. Ismail Azzam spoke to some young Moroccans who For people in the Arab world to be able to throw off the yoke of military rule, a new balance must be struck between political and social forces and the military.

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FWS-I is a thermal sight mounted on top of an M-4 rifle. It can also be configured for crew-served weapons such as a. US Army photo. Another advantage, according to an Army report, is that the new integrated system enables soldiers to see through obscurants, such as smoke or fog. Despite is tremendous promise, this emerging weapons systems may also face new challenges and threats it will need to address. For instance, it seems likely the Army will work to cyber harden the wireless connection to ensure it does not get hacked, compromised or jammed by high-tech enemies. Leveraging faster processing speeds and computer technology to exponentially improve combat performance brings unprecedented advantage, yet at the same time, the more networked a weapons systems becomes, the more it will need safeguards and protections against increased vulnerability to cyber attack.

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This phenomenon holds up across the military services; as weapons systems, networks, fire control technologies and targeting sensors become increasing networked through computer systems, they can simultaneously become both much more effective - and more vulnerable. More combat-relevant assets can become vulnerable to a in the event that a single point of entry is located. For this reason, the Army and military services are moving quickly to cyber harden weapons systems and networks.

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Also, Potts explained that marksmanship training courses will be necessary for soldiers as they adjust to using Rapid Target Acquisition. Kris Osborn can be reached at Kri sosborn. Sounds awesome. Defense Maven Home Land Warrior Maven Video Above: Soldiers can shoot around corners with new wireless link between night vision and weapons sights Kris Osborn - Warrior Maven As attacking enemies appear and vanish in seconds from around corners, rocks and trees - armed US soldiers in Close Quarter Combat often have little or no time to respond, while their lives often hang in the balance.

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