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The agenda of British politics has been dragged so far to the right since Thatcher that out and out corporate capitalists who will stop at nothing to ensure that the poorest in society support the richest though exploitation and diverting tax funds, are now considered somehow in the centre.

They are not. That is an extreme position, shared most noticeably at the moment by the murkily funded so-called Independent Group of MPs and their patron saint Tony Blair.

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Mind Control Music: the dark art of supermarket sounds. If we are to form anything like a just, stable and progressive society in this country, neither group must be allowed to get anywhere near power.

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A Prime Minister that represents either group will see Britain collapse into the bargain basement, a nation of low-wages and low taxation for the rich, of hugely underfunded social services and education and an infrastructure constantly on the brink of collapse. To avoid this we have to tirelessly campaign for a general election and return a Labour government, it is, quite literally, our only hope as a nation.

Naturally they fear that the longer this carnival of idiocy and self-destructive self-interest goes on, the more it will, perhaps via the European Elections this summer, infect their domestic politics, which none of them can risk. They have their own problems with nationalism and populism and need to keep it under control, as we used to be able to do, until the Tories, the press and the wider media mindlessly let it take centre stage.

Death by Dinner Party

Our allies can see what that does at close range, how it corrodes the quality of public debate and eclipses other pressing problems: climate change for example. Be prepared to celebrate the end of the Tories, but also but be prepared for the worst of humanity to clamber out of the wreckage and make a bid for power.

Next Article Scott Walker dead at 76 — music world reflects on titan at forefront of British music. On Tuesday night, Billings' family and friends honored him at a vigil. Friends say Shomari was an aspiring entrepreneur who loved spreading positivity.

Death of young 'pretty' perplexes police

Tuesday's vigil drew dozens of people because loved ones say the Georgia Southern student was always positive. It was called Wings," Ezzard said. Several hundred people were at the ticketed pool party at the Apartments on Northside Circle in Atlanta. Police responded to a complaint about the size of the party when police say someone told officers about the drowning. Investigators and partygoers tried resuscitating the man at around p.

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Witnesses and people who live at the apartments say the drowning is a tragic end to a holiday weekend. Also — in addition to the legal aspects, we must also reinforce that this unauthorized event broke a number of pool rules — including those which forbid alcohol use.

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Also, the pool is for the use of residents only. Any residents responsible for planning or promoting this event have violated the terms of their lease and will have their lease terminated. A GoFundMe has been created to help the family with funeral expenses. You can donate here. Episode Guide. Categories :. American Dad Season The Never-Ending Stories.

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