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Besides garnering many rave reviews from critics, Diaz was honored by the Girl Scouts for her portrayal of Princess Fiona. According to PR Newswire , "Princess Fiona's example of the meaning of true beauty was hailed by Girl Scouts , who inspired by the film, created a program tie-in to two activity patches for their membership. She has also signed on to recreate her parts in both Charlie's Angels 2 and Shrek 2.

The Last Supper , The Christian Science Monitor, December 14, , p. Entertainment Weekly, October 31, ,p. Variety, September 6, , p. Nationality: American. Born: San Diego , California, 30 August Career: Began modeling professionally, ; first film role in The Mask , The Last Supper Title as Jude.

Charity, Tom, "Fame? Elia, M. Cameron Diaz is that type of actor eagerly sought by innovative directors—a natural.

Discovered by a modeling agency photographer at a party, she began an international modeling career when she was only sixteen, and fell into acting with no experience outside of high school drama classes. Her first film role, like her modeling career, was a combination of serendipity, good looks, and her own sometimes painfully difficult work. Her modeling agent suggested she audition for a bit part in Chuck Russell's upcoming fantasy-adventure blockbuster The Mask , as an adventure.

Diaz caught the director's eye, however, and she found herself cast in the lead, where she made the most of the femme fatale role of Tina, the sultry nightclub singer with the heart of gold who ends up with the hero. Though Diaz's nervousness about acting left her with an ulcer, critics singled her out for the depth of her savvy portrayal of Tina, who might have been just another comic book character in the comic book film.

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Diaz surprised studios, fans, and critics when she did not follow up her success in The Mask by seeking work in other big studio blockbuster films. Instead, she chose to step back from the fast track to fame. She refused several offers of big budget movies and spent several years working in small independent films. Many of these films were dark and quirky, like The Last Supper , about liberals who decide to rid the world of right wing extremists by inviting them to dinner one by one and poisoning them.

Diaz got mixed reviews for her roles in these films. Some critics found it hard not to typecast her as the model-turned-actress bimbo, while others found her subtle and engaging, even pointing her out as the best performer in films like She's the One that they otherwise hated.

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Stacy Title, director of The Last Supper , said that Diaz has the "old movie-star glamour of Rita Hayworth and the incredible timing and great physical comedy of Lucille Ball. One reason is that there is no definitive text: each translator has four variants to work from.

Contemporary Theatre Film Television

So already the drama has the mysterious attraction of the incomplete. It left its mark on the German drama of Wedekind and Brecht. It has been claimed by both naturalists and expressionists. And it was a sacred text for the new British dramatists of the s.

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But why exactly is it so powerful? I'd say because it is a work of educated anger that looks to the past and the future simultaneously. In both you find repetition, discontinuity, direct relation of man to the cosmos, passages of intense sexual loathing. It is made up of short, fragmented episodes that anticipate Brecht's epic theatre, and even modern film and television. He is patronised by the captain he shaves and told he has no morals because he has an illegitimate child. He's treated as a guinea pig by the military doctor who feeds him on nothing but peas for three months.

Tsubaki John D.

His research is on theatre in contemporary Japan, concentrating on theatre by marginalized groups in Japan. He is working on a study of post—World War II Okinawan theatre within the pressures of American and Japanese cultural and political hegemony. Leonard Cabell Pronko Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei, Leonard Pronko has been a force in intercultural theatre since the s through writing, directing, and lecturing. His work at Pomona College with a focus on Japanese kabuki and kabuki techniques in Western performances has impacted students, scholars, and audiences in important ways.

Donald Keene Kevin J. Kevin J. He is the editor of Revenge Drama in European Renaissance and Japanese Theatre Palgrave, , the coeditor of Modern Japanese Theatre and Performance Lexington, , and the author of other books and many articles on Asian, African, and cross-cultural theatre. Thomas Rimer Kevin J. Thomas Rimer is a prolific scholar of modern Japanese theatre and culture. His teaching, writing, and translations for performance have made Japanese modern drama accessible to American students and theatregoers.

Founders of the Field: China Introduction Siyuan Liu, From the s to the s political circumstances in China limited American access to information about Chinese theatre. In this era Englishman A. Scott and Australian Colin Mackerras became major scholars documenting changes taking place and theatre practice they saw, creating a foundation for current scholarship on Chinese performance. Siyuan Liu is an assistant professor of theatre at the University of British Columbia.

Scott Siyuan Liu, A. Scott was a pioneer in researching the theatre of both China and Japan and was the founder of the Asian Theatre Program at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where he directed performances that drew on taijiquan training. Colin Patrick Mackerras Siyuan Liu, Colin Mackerras built a foundation for later scholarship through his careful documentation of Chinese performance from a social and political perspective.

His research illuminates the history of jingju , the theatre of the PRC, and the performance of minorities in China and beyond. Melvyn Helstien Kathy Foley, Melvyn Helstien, a professor of theatre at UCLA, undertook extensive research in South and Southeast Asian puppet genres in the s and through his teaching and exhibition work had impact on developing the study of Asian puppet forms in the United States.

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John Emigh Kathy Foley, John Emigh has been an important force in the study of Balinese theatre for the last forty years. Through performance of fusion theatre and teaching at Brown University he has helped promote research on and use of masks and has helped develop performance studies as an academic field. Fredrik deBoer Kathy Foley, Fredrik de Boer was a professor of Theatre at Wesleyan University who was a central figure in research on Balinese dance drama and shadow puppetry wayang parwa. His teaching and articles shed new light on Southeast Asian theatre in its historical specificity and changing cultural framework.

Is Woyzeck the first modern drama? | Stage | The Guardian

This article analyzes the impact of these innovations, not only theatrically, but also through an examination of the challenges the production offers to established Western theories of postdramatic and multimedia theatre. He is currently researching the performance of Chinese drama in the United Kingdom across the twentieth century. He extends special thanks to the University of the Philippines Diliman for their support with this research.

She is currently working on her dissertation on nineteenth-century Japanese and German literature from the perspective of reading experience and communal identity. Her research interest includes folklore, drama, and storytelling. Remapping the Korean Theatre Tradition: A Case Study of Gwolhui , a Theatre of the Confucian Students in the Chosun Dynasty Jungman Park, Traditional theatre scholarship maintains that Chosun-era Korean theatrical forms are rooted deep in the collectivity of the minjung —the economically, socially, and politically deprived—and are essentially minjung theatricalities.

While the forms performed and viewed by commoners, such as talchum mask dance , pansori epic song performance , geurimja-geuk shadow drama , and inhyeong-geuk puppet show , are well researched, theatres of the privileged class or yangban have been obscured and consequently ignored by Korean theatre scholars.