Clausewitz and Contemporary War

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One of the most common pitfalls amongst strategists is competitive neglect. This happens in particular when we have to play catch-up and close a gap in, say, customer service. In fact, competitors are running as fast as they can, so closing a gap means that we have to run even faster.

Making choices means seeing the world through the eyes of our competitors. What would their most likely counter-moves be? How will we contend with these?

Clausewitz and Contemporary War

Role-playing is a useful way to plot this out. Observe the chess master: no move is ad hoc. Success comes only from thinking several steps ahead.

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War is a trial of moral and physical forces by means of the latter. In the last analysis it is at moral, not physical strength that all military action is directed … Moral factors, then, are the ultimate determinants in war. War of course involves a contest of physical force. It is a blood sport.

Baron Antonie-Henri Jomini, Theories of War

He notes that the armies that prevail most often are those that have the full-hearted support of their citizens back home. When that encouragement is lacking, self-doubt sets in and motivation is undermined. This lesson applies equally in the business world, and here we have great cause for concern. Only 30 percent of employees in the U.

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This morale deficit bears a dramatic cost. Companies in the top quartile for employee engagement saw 22 percent greater profitability, 10 percent higher customer ratings, 28 percent lower rates of theft, and 48 percent fewer safety incidents when compared with those in the bottom. Organizations create their future through the strategies they pursue. In such high-stakes choice making, an ad hoc approach will not cut it.

We must have a shared process inspired by the right thinking.

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Strategy, like any other discipline in the modern world, as Alvin Toffler reminds us, requires constant learning, unlearning, and relearning. This requires a shift of gears from strategy as planning to strategy as learning. Embedding this adaptive capability is, in the final analysis, the only route to a sustainable competitive advantage. After practicing law, he embarked on an international business To excel at strategy, we must first understand what it is The talent of the strategist is to identify the decisive point and to concentrate everything on it, removing forces from secondary fronts and ignoring lesser objectives.

Carl von Clausewitz Clausewitz lays out here a powerful definition of strategy. Strategy and planning are not the same thing. Such articles and all information within the articles e.

Clausewitz and Contemporary War

Infinity Journal. The best way to read IJ. Ideal for mobile devices. Clausewitz and the First World War David Kaiser Taking issue with writers who have blamed Clausewitz for the First World War, David Kaiser discusses his influence upon the planning for that war but adds that On War should have enabled statesmen and generals to draw more sensible conclusions after a stalemate developed.

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Ends, Ways, Means: Clausewitz and Other Prophets Beatrice Heuser Beatrice Heuser explains that it is just in the question of how ways and means should be related to larger political ends that Clausewitz decided not to furnish larger elaborations of the subject. To Be Clausewitzian William F. Echevarria II.

Clausewitz as Sociologist Hugh Smith. Thus, they are important even in circles where Clausewitz is only briefly studied. While understanding On War is no more a prerequisite for winning wars than knowledge is a requirement for exercising power, Clausewitz's opus has become something of an authoritative reference for those desiring to expand their knowledge of war. By linking method and concept, this book contributes significantly to that end. Clausewitz and Contemporary War.